Himalayan Salt Lamp – Make Your Life Healthy!

Himalayan salt lamp is one of the innovation device for air ionization which combines the latest scientific knowledge and ancient wisdom. It is reproduced salt mine atmosphere during lamp operation and creates a natural atmosphere of sterility. The microbial protein structure dies in a such micro-climate.

 What is Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp?

Himalayan crystal salt lamp – this is the lamp with lampshade which one is made of Himalayan crystal salt. Salt, color and light mutually reinforce their impact.

Himalayan Salt Candle Holder – is a piece of stone (treated in various ways), which has a recess for the “floating” candles (usually a small metal cup filled with wax or paraffin).

Himalayan salt lamps can:

  • help you relieve the asthma and allergy symptoms fast and naturally.
  • purify the air inside your home.
  • relieve your asthma symptoms naturally.

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Image: Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp Origin

This product was formed in hot climate conditions due to the natural salt water crystallization of the world ocean. Under influence of numerous environmental factors the salt was compressed into thick layers of solid rock and was hidden under ground for many millions of years ago.

Himalayan salt lamps originated from rock salt deposits located in Pakistan whose age is more than 500 million years. The lamp shades can have a reddish, orange or yellow color. This color comes from various minerals which contained in the crystal salt. Himalayan salt lamps allow us to virtually touch the era when the Earth was young, and life on the planet was gaining strength.

All this lamps are made by craftsmen, which reveal the natural beauty of crystal salts. Each of them maintains its unique shape. Lamp base is made of natural wood and it highlights its individuality. Lampshades are made from the piece of Himalayan natural salt, which is taken from the rock mass in the mine. Each one has its own shape: cylinder, treated or untreated rock, cube, sphere, etc

While the better part of ionizers available on the market tend to be synthetic devices, the salt crystal lamp can be a beautiful choice which created by our mother earth, without damaging to the ozone!

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Himalayan Salt Lamps – the beauty that heals.